các dạng đề ôn hè tiếng anh tiểu học


  1. Circle the odd one out. (Chọn từ khác loại)
  2. a. wrote          b. watched          c. drew            d. bought
  3. a. fever           b. better            c. cough           d. toothache
  4. a. picnic          b. badminton     c. chess           d. volleyball
  5. a. autumn        b. winter            c. summer         d. season
  6. a. who           b. what              c. there              d. when
  7. a. danced        b. song             c. stayed            d. listened
  8. a. football       b. play             c. volleyball       d. badminton
  9. a. doing           b. watching        c. spring           d. reading
  10. a. play b. take               c. sing                d. headache
  11. a. week b. often             c. never              d. always
  12. Select and circle A, B, C or D.( Chọn và khoanh vào A, B hoặc C)

1.Alan and his friends __________to Tuan Chau Island last week.

  1. go              B. are going       C. went           D. to go

2.They traveled to Hanoi ________bus.

  1. by              B. in             C. on             D. with

3.We are going ___________Ha Long Bay next Sunday.

  1. visit            B. visited          C. to visit          D. visiting

4.How __________is it from here to Hanoi?.

  1. often           B. old              C. many           D. far

5.What do you usually do ________Autumn?

  1. on              B. in              C. at               D. to

6.What is the ____________like today? - It's sunny and hot.

  1. seasons         B. matter          C. weather         D. summer

7.__________did you do last weekend? - I went to the cinema.

  1. Where          B. What            C. How            D. When

8.Where___________you yesterday? - I was at home.

  1. are              B. were            C. is              D. was
  2. What do you usually do ________ spring?
  3. on B. in C. at               D. by
  4. Peter doesn't want _________ football.
  5. play B. to play C. playing              D. played

III. Read the passage and answer the questions.(Đọc đoạn văn sau và trả lời các câu hỏi)

Linda is from England. There are four seasons in her country. In summer, it is hot. She often goes swimming. In autumn, it is cool and wet. Her father and she sometimes go fishing. It is very cold in winter. They usually go skiing in the mountains. In spring, it is warm and beautiful. They often go camping in the national park.

True / False

Linda isn't from England.                                       …………

There are five seasons in her country.                    …………

Her father and she sometimes go fishing.               ………….

They usually go skiing in the mountains.                …………

In spring, it is cool and beautiful.                            …………

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